Murphy & Max–Petaluma’s Bagel Dogs

Noah’s Bagels on Petaluma’s East Side has had a regular K-9 visitor in recent years–Murphy…at least since 2006.

Murphy is such a regular that there is a framed picture inside Noah’s and people routinely stop by to visit with Murphy.  

Murphy’s habit is to sit patiently in the bed of the truck while the owner is inside Noah’s… 

Murphy & Friend May 31 2009 009

A few years ago, I noticed that Murphy had a little friend…

Time passed and a week ago I saw the truck parked in front of Noah’s and decided to visit.  Murphy was in the truck with the not so little friend…

Murphy & Friend May 31 2009 010

His name is Max. 

Together they form the team of Murphy & Max in a vigil waiting for someone to bring them a crumb or two.  They will also bestow sloppy wet kisses on any who linger…

Murphy & Friend May 31 2009 003Murphy & Friend May 31 2009 006Murphy & Friend May 31 2009 008Murphy & Friend May 31 2009 016


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