The Petaluma Lynch Creek Trail Blues :-(

The Lynch Creek Trail in Petaluma is a major Petaluma cross-town connector for hikers and bicycle riders.

It has also been a “playground” for vandals, graffiti taggers, and other miscreants. In addition, the trails and river were perpetually¬†littered with trash and abandoned shopping carts.

Over the last year or so conditions improved due to the efforts of city staff and volunteers.

However, a recent visit to the trail revealed that things are not going well.

These photos tell the story…

Lynch Creek Blues 001Lynch Creek Blues 002Lynch Creek Blues 004Lynch Creek Blues 005Lynch Creek Blues 007Lynch Creek Blues 009Lynch Creek Blues 010Lynch Creek Blues 011


One thought on “The Petaluma Lynch Creek Trail Blues :-(

  1. I read this article the other day and thought, “what a great opportunity for COTS Mary Isaak Center residents to help out in the community” I direct all of COTS programs to help families and single adults get back on their feet and back under roofs of their own. A big part of what we do at COTS is to get our residents involved in community service – things like, camp clean-ups, helping at the library and Petaluma Kitchen and various other projects.
    I would like to offer COTS’ support to help clean up the Lynch Creek area. We can put a crew of residents together and pick up a lot of the trash and shopping carts and such and if there are campers around, we can help them to get services at COTS rather than camping in the area.

    Hope this will help make the area nicer for all of the folks who use it!

    Mike Johnson
    Assistant ED
    COTS – Committee on the Shelterless

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