Instituto Special Report–Bottleless Wine!

The Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino proudly announces the results of years of research and development.

We have been following the work of  several wineries to do away with corks and to convince winos to buy wine with screw caps.  They have solid scientific evidence to support their position that screw caps are as good as, if not better than, corks.  Granted it will take some persuasion to convince people not to associate screw caps with “Thunderbird” or “Old Nauvoo Red.”

But we have taken vino  innovation  a step further.

Our Winos demand cutting edge innovation!

So the Instituto is proud to announce that our wines will be distributed with screw caps at $23.49 a bottle.

What makes our new screw cap wine so unique?







Bottleless Wine!!

In fact, there is no container whatsoever!!!

Just the screw cap!!

Imagine the “Bottle(less) Shock” as new customers check out the display.

So…………….Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) or Bring Your Own Glass (BYOG)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember to wash your hands!

The Officers & Staff of Petaluma’s Internationale Instituto De Vino Wino

We at the Instituto are working  24/7 to make you a better wino!!