Blight–Graffiti & Trash Creeping Back…

For several years I documented the progress of graffiti and  trash in our public areas, trails, and parks.  Over the last few months, it seemed as if these symptoms of urban blight were on the decline. A tribute, perhaps, to the various volunteer efforts to clean up our parks and trails.

Granted, I  severely restricted my surveys and searches for such scenes starting last year as it was pointless–not to mention, risky–to pursue the subject any further.  I did take some solace that  the frequency of these “incidents”  seemed to be trending downward. 

This morning I was reminded that graffiti and public trash are still around. It was too obvious to ignore…

Gang Graffiti In A Park

Lucchesi Park May 20 2009 001Lucchesi Park May 20 2009 002Lucchesi Park May 20 2009 003

Soccer Field Trash

On the soccer field in the same park, trash was blowing across the field…

Lucchesi Park May 20 2009 004Lucchesi Park May 20 2009 005

As least I did not find any swastikas or other “hate” graffiti. For those interested in a photo documentary of hate graffiti in Petaluma, go to Petaluma Swastikas & Racial Tags.