Petaluma Gets Its Sheet (Mulch) Together…

More and more people have been acting to reduce or eliminate their lawns–not a bad idea in our part of the world considering our water supply limitations and drought conditions. I have reason to believe that Petaluma’s Stage One Emergency Contingency Plan for water use reduction may be called into play sooner rather than later. I suspect that Stage Two may not be far behind.

Recently, the City of Petaluma decided to join the sheet-mulching lawn conversion community after persuasion by Trathen Heckman, Daily Acts and David Iribarne, Water Conservation Coordinator for the City of Petaluma. 

The first sheet-mulching project on city property was at the Cavanagh Recreation Center in Petaluma, May 15-17… 

Day 3  May 17 010

Yovanna Biebereich provides the background for this project in her recent Argus Courier Article

Over the hot weekend, volunteers and members of Daily Acts transformed the almost 2000 sq ft. of turf using the sheet mulching technique. Several landscapers and landscaping companies also donated their time.  Other landscapers/permaculturalists did the design work, mainly Erik Ohlson of Permaculture Artisans and Patrick Picard of Equinox Landscapes.

Approximately 150 people registered and/or participated in some or all of the events and workshops related to the event…Day 1  May 15 001

Even better, some pledged to get rid of their lawns (Names redacted by yours truly)…

Day 3  May 17 011

On Saturday, Mayor Torliatt stopped by to check things out…Day 2  May 16 007

The volunteers braved the heat (assisted by occasional cooling hosings) to complete the project…

End of The Day 016End of The Day 020

The temperature presented a bit of a challenge, particularly on Sunday, when it hit 96 degrees as measured by my thermometer.  I did manage to collect photos from all three days to document the transformation of the lawn areas.

To get a sense of the day, you can view the photo album by Clicking Here.  When the program opens, take advantage of the full screen option.



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