From Lawn To Natural Landscape

In a little over a year and a half, we converted over 1000 sq. ft. of lawn to a low water natural landscape.  The process was described in detail in a series of  articles on  Petaluma 360, which have been converted to a single article which can be viewed by clicking on Journal Of A Lawn Junkie

Today, our “Habitat” (the former front lawn) is now well established with low water plantings. This new “environment” is also “home” to bees and numerous visiting birds–not to mention the occasional neighborhood cat who stops by for an occasional catmint nibble. At present, maintenance requirements consist of monitoring, pruning, and occasional watering. It has been quite an adventure and we have NO regrets…

Habitat 1Habitat 1Habitat 1

However, the “Habitat” concept is not always understood.

  • Last year, several lawn care companies stopped by and offered to place new sod in my front lard.
  • A week ago, a truck stopped and the driver offered to provide “fresh organic dirt” to refresh the landscape. Obviously, the driver did not appreciate the finer qualities of Sonoma Compost products! 

But the best was a door to door salesman who walked past the above scenes to leave this brochure…

Habitat 1


Some people are unclear on the concept of low water habitat lansscaping…

On the other hand, some pedestrians are literally knocked out of their shoes when they see the Habitat…

Habitat 1


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