EAST SIDE–Petaluma’s Sally Strawberry

The Carstensen Farms berry stand has become something of a tradition on the East Side. 

Known for their strawberries, honey, and blueberries, this year they have added fresh eggs (subscribers only) to the inventory.


In early spring, “Sally Strawberry” starts sending out e-mail advisories. And so it was again this year. Sally’s e-mail advised that they would open with the first load of strawberries on April 30. I  showed up at the designated hour to find a full parking lot and a line of customers…


Carstensen Farms

Look for their berry updates on  carstensenfarms.blogspot.com or google “carstensen farms”

Hours:  Casa Grande location  490 Casa Grande Rd (across from Casa Grande High School)

  • Opening Day April 30th thru June 17…… Open daily 10 – 6, closed Tues
  • June 18 thru July 31  …… Open 12 – TBD  Days closed TBD

TIP–Their “operating hours” fluctuate depending upon harvest conditions. The easiest way to know when they will be open is to sign up for their e-mail list on their blogspot site (link above).

If you are into using Twitter, Sally can accommodate: “A longtime customer encouraged me to send quick updates on Twitter so….. I’m going to give it a try.  It looks like a easy, quick way to get late afternoon updates out to everyone.  I hate to have anyone drive over to a closed gate and make a special trip – that’s why I send afternoon updates – to take some of the guesswork out of your berry trips. Twitter will not replace my emails.  No worry.  Twitter folks will get the updates faster because I only have to write 1 line of text, and I don’t have to cut and paste to fit 1100 contacts into messages.  My emails will always be there for you, how would I fulfill my need for farmer chatter and distribute recipes without it???  (that’s right, you need some recipes tomorrow)  Follow Twitter if you like, email if you like – be happy – that’s my only objective.”

You can find  Sally on http://twitter.com/carstensenfarms.