A $ Hyperlink…Where’s George?

Our world is full of hyperlinks, hashtags, tweets, text messages by the score, IM communications etc.,etc….all current forms of communication in our virtual world.   Here is an example of how someone has used a “real world” dollar bill as an entrance or portal to following the “travels” of a dollar bill on the Internet as it circulates around the country. Of course the success of the tracking depends upon people noticing the link on the bill and reporting it on the web site.

The link was interesting, to say the least…Emoji   http://www.wheresgeorge.com/

I obtained the bill as part of my change at Peet’s Coffee in Petaluma this May. According to WheresGeorge , the bill was registered on their web site on August 7, 2012 in Sacramento, CA.  Thereafter it most likely passed through many hands without notice until I received it here in Petaluma in May of this year and decided to check it out!

Dollar Hyperlink 2web

Dollar Hyperlink 1web

Whether there will be any further reporting on this particular bill will depend upon whether I return it to circulation or simply leave it on my dresser!!

For additional information on WheresGeorge and the people behind it , check out  Web Site Lets You Track Paper Money

READER NOTE–For those who may not follow my photo blog, you may want to check out another “curiosity” I encountered by taking a quick look at A flower by any other name…

Blowing Bubbles…Tiburon, California

Those of a certain age enjoyed, from time to time, the practice of blowing bubbles as a child.  Recall, if you will, the little bottle of “bubble fluid” and the plastic ring you inserted in the bottle before gently blowing bubbles across the yard.

A man in Tiburon, CA has taken it to a higher level using a much larger device and the onshore winds from the Bay to generate and transmit his gigantic bubbles.  I first noticed him in November, 2011 and again in March of this year…

Tiburon November 2011

Tiburon November 2011

Tiburon November 2011

Tiburon November 2011

Tiburon March 2013

Tiburon March 2013

Tiburon March 2013

Tiburon March 2013

Tiburon March 2013

Tiburon March 2013

Meow! Cat Fanciers Annual Santa Rosa Show

February 9 & 10, 2013

The Santa Rosa Cat Fanciers Association  All Breed Show at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds is a must attend event for cat lovers.  It also is a challenge to take pictures without flash so as not to disturb the feline stars and judges. Notwithstanding this limitation, I have created a brief photo gallery for your perusal.


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Signs & Scenes…2012

Well here it is, December 1. 2012, and another year has almost  come and gone. To wrap up 2012, I offer over seventy new photos from the year in Signs & Scenes Gallery 2012 

Thanks to the editing assistance of a few readers in putting it all together. I did add a few photos since our last review.


Reaction to my “Butts in Crack” photo (See What the…?) prompts me to release another picture demonstrating that a story in a photo all depends upon how you look at it and the context of the times.


  • A grocery store downspout
  • Much discussion at a recent City Council Meeting about water runoff and flooding
  • Someone with a misdirected sense of litter disposal

And Voila! I have a title for the photo…

"BURP!" © Frank Simpson