Breaking News! Jumping Stilts in Petaluma!

The staff at The Petaluma Spectator (I, Me, Myself & My Shadow) are pleased to be the first to report on the latest pedestrian advancement…first spotted on the East Side…

Jumping Stilts

Jumping Stilts

Jumping Stilts! Think of them, I suppose, as a pogo stick on each leg…

Petaluma DSCF5405cWeb

Granted, we did a triple take when encountering this scene.  For more information check out Jumping Stilts – A NEW Sport With Super Human Abilities!

Resolutions for the New Year–2014!

Be it hereby resolved that you will…

I.  Heed the advice of the Petaluma Pie Company…

Pie Only at Petaluma Pie Company!

Pie Only at Petaluma Pie Company!

II. Check out the best bench in Golden Gate Park….

Nice Bench, 2 Golden Gate Park

Nice Bench, 2 Golden Gate Park

 III. Get out more and leave the “I” devices and Smartphones at home…



Holiday Gifts…Made In…Mailed From…

It is an accepted fact of life that most, if not all, of our consumer goods are made outside of the United States. It is also true that many of them are purchased online as opposed to visiting brick and mortar shopping malls.

Recently, however, I experienced a bit of a novelty as an online shopper when I opened the packages…

 Apple Records/EMI Mary Hopkin album from 1968 reissued as a CD…Made in Poland!

Made In Poland

Made In Poland

A camera accessory made in China (of course) but this one was MAILED from China!

Mailed From China

Mailed From China

To help the trade balance I  offer a “Made In The USA” image .  Go to Sonoma County Holiday Scenes…

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping…Carts in 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I hope that everyone has something to be thankful for!  If not, you can take comfort in the fact that many of your favorite stores will be open on Thanksgiving! In addition many restaurants will be open to fuel the hungry shoppers! Best of all, shopping carts will get a workout on Turkey Day!

Yes indeed! According to the Oracle of the 21st Century (The Internet), Walmart, Target, and Kmart will be standing at the ready to facilitate your purchases early on Thanksgiving Morn. In addition, Best Buy and Macy’s are opening their doors in many locales.

Nordstrom apparently is the Grinch of the Retail World and won’t be open. Emoji

Be sure and check with your local stores and be first in line.

For shoppers in Petaluma there is an added a la shopping cart bonus this shopping season!  If you are too tired to return your shopping carts, there is a convenient drop off point at Sonoma Mountain and East Washington….

Shopping CartsaWeb

Government Shurdown Hits Petaluma CA???

As the news media explodes with stories about the consequences of the Federal Government Shutdown and the looming possibility of a Federal Treasury Default…

Perhaps “signs” of the approaching Financial Armageddon are already appearing in Petaluma? Emoji

Government Shutdown DSCF5279Web